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This is the knowledge base for the open source technology Polis

Getting Started

  • If you want to get a general sense of the platform and its capabilities, start with the page on Polis itself
  • If you are convinced of its utility and ready to implement it, start here:

Integration & Analysis

  • If you are a web developer and have been sent here to implement Polis on your organization's website, start with
  • If you are a data scientist or data analyst and have been asked to evaluate Polis for your organization, check out:


If you are an interested citizen, read about Bringing Polis to My Political Context

If you are curious about the non-profit organization which supports and maintains Polis and the main deployment, or getting involved to improve this ecosystem of tools for democracy, see: volunteering

If you are interested in contributing to the codebase as an OSS developer, check out the Github, and visit the developer chat room. You're also welcome to join our community chat room and weekly online video chats hours (see community chat for details).


The knowledge base is maintained by the The Computational Democracy Project, which maintains and supports Polis

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© 2021 The Computational Democracy Project