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The main hosted instance of the technology Polis is available — free and fully accessible to non-profit, public and academic institutions around the world — at, in combination with the freely available knowledge base, are all an organization needs to implement and derive value from the Polis methodology.

You can create an account at and get started immediately.

The Computational Demoracy Project provides a number of services that support Polis implementations.

Ways we can help

Implementation consultation & training

Building organizational competency at integrating Polis is useful because Polis can be used over time to augment decision making processes.

CompDem can help by being an expert voice in the room through the duration of your Polis implementation, or by giving one-off training to get your team up to speed quickly.

Integration support

Integrating Polis is often as simple as adding an embed code to a website. For more complicated integrations involving identity, metadata, and demographic information, we can help troubleshoot issues you can't solve on your own using the knowledge base.

See: embed code, xid, Identity

Data analysis, analytics & reporting

In some cases the automated report is enough to explore the results of a Polis conversation, but it might only explain a small amount of the overall meaning, structure, and insight in your dataset. Additionally, you might want to examine demographic information from your sample, or analyze subtopics.

CompDem can serve as your data science partner, creating custom reports and analysis to fit your needs.

Feature requests

In some cases, organizations need to fund open source developement so that they can use the methdology. For example, to add specific accessibility functionality.

End-to-end support

In addition to consulting, CompDem can step in to fill one or more of the roles, like facilitation practitioner or data scientist. Or, your organization can engage CompDem to run an entire project for you and deliver a report.

Fully hosted instances on your own hardware

If you need to own your data on your own hardware, we can help your developers get up and running.

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© 2024 The Computational Democracy Project, a 501c3 nonprofit.


© 2024 The Computational Democracy Project, a 501c3 nonprofit.