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Seed Comments

A seed comment is a comment submitted by the conversation owner in the Polis admin-interface. They're an important first step toward mapping out the landscape of opinions. Plus, they set the tone of the conversation and teach the initial participants how to write good comments. Without seed comments, initial participants don't have anything to vote on, and might leave a conversation without engaging.

Seed comments are different from comments submitted by participants in that they:

  1. Are not associated with an account.
  2. Don't have an initial vote associated with them.

If you'd like to add seed comments as 'yourself', submit them via the participation interface (ensure you're logged in). See:

Best practices for seed comments

  • Add at least 10, but 25-40 is better.
  • Use simple, clear language.
  • Restrict each comment to a single point.
  • Make sure there's a diversity of opinions represented — as many different responses to the prompt as possible.
  • Include both controversial and potentially consensus statements.

The Computational Democracy Project

© 2021 The Computational Democracy Project, a 501c3 nonprofit.


© 2021 The Computational Democracy Project, a 501c3 nonprofit.