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The following link is the source of truth regarding which languages the Polis interface has been translated into:

These translations will automatically load if someone's browser settings are set to one of them.

For up-to-the-moment information, visit the link above. For convenience, you may browse the more readable list below which is subject to change without notice, and was last updated August 12, 2022.
If you don't see the language you are interested in, or wish to improve a translation that has already been started, see Please note, Romanian (ro) and Persian / Farsi (fa) are already in the queue to be added.

cy - Welsh

da_dk - Danish (Denmark)

de_de - German (Germany)

en_us - English (US)

es_la - Spanish (Latin America)

fr - French

gr - Greek

he - Hebrew

hr - Croatian

it - Italian

ja - Japanese

nl - Dutch (Flemish)

pt_tl - Portuguese

pt_br - Portuguese (Brasil)

ru - Russian

sk - Slovak

tdt - Timor Leste

uk - Ukrainian

zh_hans - Chinese (Han, simplified)

zh_hant - Chinese (Han, traditional)

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© 2024 The Computational Democracy Project, a 501c3 nonprofit.