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Headline: German political party “Aufstehen” brings most participants ever into a Polis conversation to form the party's platform.

When: 2018
Where: Germany
Size: 33,547 participants

Details: Aufstehen, meaning “stand-up”; is an emergent German political party founded in Summer 2018 in response to the growth of right-wing political parties. A Polis conversation was run in the Fall of 2018 to gain understanding on how coalition building could be used to build broad consensus, and inform the creation of the party’s political platform in accordance with the will of its members. This demonstrated how technology can bring about new and innovative ideas to the democratic process. At time of writing, this conversation retains the world record for largest number of participants in a single Polis conversation.

Overview: Dreiwerk Entertainment, an independent production company, was supporting the media appearances of Aufstehen, and introduced to party members.


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© 2023 The Computational Democracy Project, a 501c3 nonprofit.